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Family Yachting Safety Guide

Be Safe on the Sunny Seas

Evermarine sells a range of Tiara, Bertram and Azimuth yachts—all suitable for family fun at sea. Louis Sola and our brokers can assess your needs and guide you through the purchase of just the right vessel for your family. Many yachts have special features to enhance your family’s enjoyment of the yachting experience and to help keep your family safe.

Families and boating just naturally go together. Whether you’re fishing, cruising or anchored in a cove to swim, parents and children all enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Nature, with its beauty and its lessons, surrounds you. Children of any age can have onboard chores to develop responsibility and family solidarity. Above all, yachting is just plain fun. But you do need to take some simple precautions to keep everyone safe.

Safe Family Yachting Guide

As parents, you want to be sure that family fun time is safe. You’ve packed a first aid kit. You’ve checked that the fire extinguisher, marine radio, and horn or other sound-producing device are in good working order. Your charts are up to date.

You’ve made sure each child has a good yellow or orange flotation device that fits and turns the child to float face up. The device has strong straps at waist and crotch and a handle on the collar. You’ve affixed a plastic whistle to the device, and your child has practiced using it.

But did you know that the very sunshine that makes cruising so delightful can be a safety hazard? In the United States, over two million people will get skin cancer this year. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer, and it is the most common cancer for young people between 25 and 29. Over-exposure to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause melanoma. Reflected sunlight from the water around you adds to the exposure.

To protect your family, see that, as much as possible, they wear loose-fitting, light-weight clothing that covers legs and arms. Slather on the sunscreen. Use SPF 15 or higher. Remember that sunscreen dissolves in water, so you’ll need to re-apply it after swimming or sweating heavily. Wear a hat to shade your face and use sunglasses.

It’s recommended that families, and especially children, stay in the shade while the sun is at it’s peak. So, plan activities in the salon or use a sun-shade between ten a.m. and four p.m.

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